par Lee Tzu Tung

Lee Tzu Tung is a political artist from Taiwan. Combining anthropological field research and political activism, zir art projects uses the participatory method to invite participants to test and decolonize the contemporary form of art, technology, and authorities. For example, ze issued Positive Coin (2019), a cryptocurrency with the feature of the AIDS virus to create a monetary-based community that extends HIV identities. And in Forkonomy( ) (2020), ze gathered an alternative assembly with Hong Kong artist Winnie Soon to discuss the national ownership of the South China Sea. Tzu Tung is currently a Master student in MIT’s Art, Culture and Technology program and holds an MFA from the School of Art Institute of Chicago. Zir artworks have been exhibited globally, and ze is also the organizer for several of Taiwan’s Indigenous and gender movements, the founder of the artist-technologist collaborative NPO, and a curator for art and anthropology exhibitions. For more, visit: