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WYHIWYS 8: Be quiet, I can’t hear your whispers anymore

For WYHIWYS (What You Hear Is What You See), creation pour Makery, the artist Damien Bourniquel composes a mash-up of Youtube videos shaped by ASMR, this trend that relaxes the Internet user by whispering in his ear. Does one learn better how to sand a 3D printed piece in this hyper-proximity of sounds?

WYHIWYS 8, Damien Bourniquel, 2017:


Damien Bourniquel is an artist, hacker, glitcher, keen on creative DIY. For Makery, he created WYHIWYS (What You Hear Is What You See), referencing the famous WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get, literally “as is” talking about user interface), where sound becomes visual and image is made resounding.

For this new opus, Damien tackles the trend on Youtube of ASMR videos (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response). A new (?) way of relaxing using whispered videos, proposing a cerebral massage that could bring about “audio-sensory orgasms”. Obviously, the phenomenon rapidly won the hearts of makers who share their tutorials by whispering them.

In order to achieve this hyper-proximity of sound effect, ASMR Youtubers mostly use a binaural microphone, capable of reproducing sounds in the 3D space very close between our two ears. In this whispered mash-up, you will find among other things the method to build your binaural microphone, the presentation of a paper magazine on Raspberry Pi, a nail art tutorial or the best ways to sand a piece printed in 3D and cleaning a vinyl record with wood glue… Not forgetting the sighed belly-dancing class… To view each video individually, click on the “Binaural” video links right at the end of the video (top right).

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