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WYHIWYS 7: Allonz’enfants du terrorisme

Damien Bourniquel is a hacker artist, glitcher, keen on creative DIY and member of Blackboxe (hackerspace, Paris). For Makery, he created WYHIWYS (What You Hear Is What You See), referencing the famous WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get, literally “as is” talking about user interface), a mash-up of the most diverse Youtube videos, where sound becomes visual and image is made resounding.

YouTube was no exception concerning the worldwide emotion following the attacks on November 13 that caused 130 dead and 352 wounded in Paris. No need here to give the context of the horror that fell upon the French capital. The reaction reflected the scope of the event: worldwide. Damien Bourniquel gives us an overview with his 36 synchronized versions of the Marseillaise.

Exotic collective versions (the Marseillaise burst into song in Australia, at the New York Metropolitan Opera, at the French embassy in Madrid, behind the scene at Wembley before the Megadeath concert…) or French versions (place de la République in Paris, in a schoolin DunkirkValence, or still in Versailles by Congress…), be they sung from the intimacy of their room for the aspiring singers Aviella Winder and LiLi Roquelin, or translated for the flute, en in sign languagefor the organ, the ukulele or the bagpipes, they all display the same emotion.

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