/ Voices Overview of the passion for online drone (screen shot). © Damien Bourniquel

WYHIWYS 4: Is there a pilot in the drone?

Damien Bourniquel is an artist, glitcher, creative hacker and member of Blackboxe (hackerspace, Paris). For Makery, he created WYHIWYS (What You Hear Is What You See), referencing the famous WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get), where sound becomes visual and image is made resounding.

This new overview of 36 videos explores the use of drones in all areas: from the DIY amateur drone to the ambulance drone, from the lifeguard to the pizza delivery drone, from the Amazon drone to musical drones, from the builder drone to drones in Minecraft… Not forgetting army drones, killer drones, alarming drones crashing on the White House, during a meeting with Angela Merkel or flying over Parisian landmarks

This multiscreen is also a compilation of crashes of these flying robots, true current trend, seeing the number of videos posted on the Web. One can imagine that this infatuation is due to the fascination that the images of their last instants arouse.

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