/ Voices Imperial Arduino, screenshot. © DR

WYHIWYS 2, Arduino Imperial March

Arduino is the star of these 20 videos synchronized by Damien Bourniquel for Makery. The second episode of WYHIWYS (What You Hear Is What You See) is a deviant and hacked symphony reminiscent of Darth Vader.

Damien Bourniquel is an artist, glitcher, creative hacker and member of Blackboxe (hackerspace, Paris). For Makery, he created WYHIWYS (What You Hear Is What You See), referencing the famous WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). Here’s what he says about his second video piece:

“Darth Vader Imperial March in 20 synchronized YouTube videos: With two Star Wars trilogies spanning close to 40 years, it’s the ultimate hymn that brings geeks together across generations. These 20 videos constituting this devilishly Starwarsish grand orchestra feature Arduino, the open source micro-controller used by electronics hobbyists to make their 3D printers, motors, hard drives, obsolete disk drives, scanners… sing. With just a few lines of code, this little electronic board sends Midi signals to devices that in turn emit musical notes of noise.”

It’s an interesting phenomenon. Contrary to musique concrète, which integrates everyday sounds into the musical repertory, here the music is integrated into the soundscape of these functioning objects, effectively transforming them into musical instruments.

After noise music as a genre, can we talk about musical noise?

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