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Open Source Body à corps ouvert


  • GNU-auth

    Bravo guys! Great work! We’ve watched you grow with so much enthusiasm. And yet there seems to be some confusion. According to those to whom you owe considerable credit the term « Open Source » has strayed from the initial foundations of Free Speech (ex. you will probably erase this comment). When we review your satellite companies (Art2M, Artjaws, etc.) we are increasingly confused about your own motives. Could you please be a little more « open » and explain the involvement of AXA in your mission? According to the following press release you received €500,000 to deliver what exactly to your investors? https://group.axa.com/en/newsroom/press-releases/axa-strategic-invests-art2m

    It would be great, and perhaps wise of you to explain this and many other questionable activities to your readers. In the meantime we remain confused. Merci en avance

  • worms

    we support free speech. we are open

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