Séance de hackathon des Climate Games à Gand (Belgique) en mars. © Labofii

Climate Games: «Nous sommes la nature qui se défend»


  • takery

    j’ai peur de ACW. Toi aussi? pourquoi? Je veux savoir pourquoi… dis-moi pourquoi

  • lady luck

    OMG! you are scared of Androgynous Chicken Wings? no way! I love Androgynous Chicken Wings. So tasty with ketchup 🙂 yum! go Teensyduino!

  • geek-puppy

    Anonymous Canine Winners! Of Course… me too that can be scary.
    Does anyone here have photos of the TV-be-Gone workshop with Mitch Altman? I heard it was sick!