Mobility Conversation, season 2: new grants to explore our cultural and artistic exchanges


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Season 2 for the Rewilding Cultures mobility grant! After a year 2023 rich in conversations around mobility, the European collaborative project is launching a new call for applications. Deadline March 30.

Hundreds of kilometers of walking in Spain, an artist residency in Finland with a newborn baby, in-situ experiments in Norway, Finland, Germany and finally presented in France… the year 2023 has been rich in conversations for the mobility component of the Rewilding Cultures project.

Indeed, last year, Rewilding Cultures (RC), a Creative Europe collaborative project involving Makery, opened a discussion on how we can make our cultural exchange practices more sustainable and inclusive. To support this ambition, the network partners announced the opening of eight grants per year, each of up to 1400 euros. These grants are intended to support projects that use and question our cultural and artistic mobilities.

In 2024, eight new minigrants of up to 1,400 euros have been announced, with an application deadline of March 30. Would you rather take the train than the plane? Do you prefer walking? Do you want to take your family with you? Do you need to take care of finances while you’re away? Are there any social or personal difficulties linked, for example, to disabilities, racialization issues or a family situation? Would you like to test an idea, conduct an experiment or write something as part of this call? What about sending your work to an exhibition? Here are a few questions to help you think about this call.

You can apply here until March 30.

The cooperative project Rewilding Cultures is co-financed by the Creative Europe program of the European Union.

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