Covid-Initiatives: Mapping makers worldwide mobilized against Covid-19

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 epidemic, many citizens have mobilized their energy, skills and resources, organizing collective actions in response to this emergency health crisis. was launched to collect, visualize and share these initiatives emerging from civil society. The website is currently available in French, English and Spanish.

Its goal is to help citizens, artisans, engineers, DIYers—in short, makers—share information and resources. Already more than 100 designs for medical equipment by makers are inventoried and freely accessible on the website.

You can also find an interactive map based on a census of 3D printers in France and a list of fablabs and makerspaces by Réseau Français des Fablabs.

Covid-Initiatives is a digital commons, powered by a community of contributors who keep it alive and running. But the more contributions it receives from the general maker community, the more accurate and complete its presentation of the maker movement mobilized against the pandemic.

In partnership with Makery, Covid-Initiatives is launching a call for contributions in order to extend and improve their map and accurately and comprehensively document maker initiatives in Europe and worldwide.

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