A wireless ultrasound-stethoscope authorized on the American market

The Clarius scanner passes on the ultrasound image to a smartphone. © Clarius Mobile Health

The ultrasound world is most definitely undergoing a revolution. While the team of the Echopen association in Paris is working relentlessly to create the first open source ultrasound-stethoscope, the Canadians from Clarius Mobile Health received the agreement from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States for the sale of their wireless ultrasound-stethoscope on December 14, 2016.

Clarius Mobile Health, an e-health company based in Vancouver, launched in March 2016 its ultrasound scan system operating with any type of tablet or smartphone (Android or iOS). The opening of the American market reinforces the project and its business opportunities. The company hopes to deliver its first devices within the next few months.

The system, that passes on wirelessly the ultrasound image to the smartphone operating with the dedicated Clarius application, is available in two versions. The Clarius C3 is designed to examine the abdomen and the lungs. And the Clarius L7 will allow you to guide procedures and view superficial structures. The devices prefigure numerous uses such as emergency medicine or a rapid diagnosis onsite after an accident.

The C3 and L7 devices are sold $6,900 and $9,900 (€6,651 and €9,543). Still a prohibitive cost for emerging economic zones. Something to motivate our hacker clinicians from Echopen who wish to open the technology and make the cost of this type of device drop to around one hundred euros.

Presentation of the Clarius ultrasound-stethoscope:

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