Dada-data hacktion!

Live from Cabaret Voltaire, 3D printing readymades on February 5 (screenshot). © DR

This is a dada call to announce the dada(data) craze that should logically invade the Internet, Switzerland and even the whole world, for an entire month (at least). From February 5, anniversary of the day the Dada movement caught on fire in 1916, through March 5, the excitement culminates at the legendary Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich, where exactly 100 years ago, a “handful of lunatics” would come together to “change art and the world”.

Hear ye, hear ye, makers and hackers from here and Zurich! In order to celebrate in all dignity the origins of surrealism, the beginnings of activism, the birth and longevity of an art movement whose present-day rejects are officially known as makers, hackers and other preventers of well-rounded coding, we hearby summon you to the first-ever “hackdoc”.

What is it all about? Dada-Data is an interactive doc devised in top secret by David Dufresne—French author of some of the most highly acclaimed webdocs of the past decade (Fort McMoney, Prison Valley…), as well as a pioneer of the indie French Internet (—and Anita Hui, Swiss author and programmer for SRF documentaries on art and culture. Through March 5, surprises await you at Dada-Data, in the form of Instagram collages, 3D printed readymades, online poetic hacktions…

Dada Manifesto rally (screenshot). © DR

Basically, one month of online dada-games to warm up and get yourself over to Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich on March 4-5 for a mysterious happening, hosted by theorist McKenzie Wark, famous author of the Hacker Manifesto (and with Molle Industria, Albertine Meunier…). This will not be a hackathon but an opportunity to hold a “sesion extraordiniaria” of the Great Dada Manifesto, which convokes “coders, writers, artists, publishers, plumbers, designers, students, bankers, stateless individuals, whistleblowers, art messengers…”

We know what we’re talking about, as Makery was among the first onboard and is a (proud) partner of the project. So we will be present at Cabaret Voltaire to report on this pure moment of dada-data folly. Dada will win!

Dada-Data” hackdoc online

To participate in the “Great Dada Manifesto” at Cabaret Voltaire, from 6pm on March 4 to midnight on March 5, please register here

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