Makery website got a facelift

A smooth upgrade, with no (major) bug or traumatism (on our side in any case!): the Makery website got a facelift as this new year begins. A new homepage that receives more content, incorporates the Twitter feed, displays shorter and better organized info; new subject headings to surf through our content more intuitively (tutorials, protos, events…); also a more mobile website, since more than a third of you pay us a visit from a tablet or a smartphone. We haven’t forgotten to highlight, on the menu and on the homepage, our map of labs (considerably acclaimed in the traffic stats!), enriched with ten or so new places. Thanks to Benoît Champy for the design and Aurélien Fache for the development. And to all of you for the compliments! Please do not hesitate to let us know of your suggestions, comments, criticisms…

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