The Yes Men hack the European Parliament

The Yes Men have struck again. On Tuesday January 12, in Brussels, with the complicity of the MEP Stelios Kouloglou from the Greek party Syriza, the hoax specialist activists organized a false press conference to propose their solution in the fight against terrorism. The actor and activist Andy Bilchbaum, who was wearing a nice false mustache, introduced himself as “Archibald Schumpeter” the security consultant from the think tank Global Security Response, in front of a room full of journalists and Parliament representatives.

“Archibald Schumpeter” from “Global Security Response” in front of European parliament audience. © DR

In his speech, he assures first of all that since September 11, the fight against terrorism has only produced more terrorism. The French response to the recent attacks is having “some political success”, he says. “Hollande’s popularity has actually increased since the attacks. And it’s also a financial success. But France is fighting fire with fuel. It’s guaranteed to generate more terrorism, as the American attack on Iraq generated in the past. In order to win the war against terrorism, one would need to kill everyone (in Syria), and we know this is not possible.”

The Yesmen’s hoax video on the Youtube channel of Syriza:

The solution? “Prototypes of course”, as it happens, ENDURASphere, the famous and nonetheless ridiculous personal protection overalls, the “survival balls” the Yes Men have already shown on multiple occasions in the United-States since 2009. Armored overalls in the shape of ridiculous and cumbersome spheres, supposed to allow those who wear them to be protected – even projected – from any terrorist attack. Unfortunately, only rich entrepreneurs or diplomats can afford them for the time being, recognizes Archibald Schumpeter. European subsidies would make them accessible to a larger number of people…

Yet, well-know for their extremely well-prepared hoaxes related in their last film, The Yes Men Are Revolting, the Yes Men once again managed to trick their audience. As is often the case, the saddest thing is after all the final questions and the fact that the political audience in Brussels takes the presentation seriously.

The Yes Men website

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