/ Voices A mash-up from Youtube on 3D printing, a piece by French artist Damien Bourniquel (screenshot). © DR

«WYHIWYS 01», 3D printing mash-up

Damien Bourniquel is an artist, glitcher, creative hacker and member of Blackboxe (hackerspace, Paris). For Makery, he invented, around the theme of 3D printing, WYHIWYS (What You Hear Is What You See), referencing the famous WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). His video creation is the epitome of copy-paste, reappropriation and sharing that are characteristic of Internet and hacker culture. In the artist’s own words:

“WYHIWYS 01 is a mash-up of 16 selected YouTube videos around the theme of DIY 3D printing. This piece presents a non-exhaustive panorama of the possibilities of digital fabrication: the 3D printer as the iconic tool of the 21st century (prototyping for all, medical prostheses, giant printer for buildings…), fun and creative reappropriations (musical printers) and other much less funny ones (firearms that go undetected at security gates).

These videos, programmed to autoplay, launch in a random order and discontinuously, as the share the same bandwidth—your Internet connection. From this saturation arises a singular cacophony, a unique John Cage-like musical score that is renewed every time you refresh the artwork.”

Damien Bourniquel’s website

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