/ Evénements Fablab Festival 2015, la 1ère grande réunion des labs français à Toulouse, a débuté jeudi 7 mai dans une ambiance studieuse. © Quentin Chevrier

En direct du Fablab Festival de Toulouse – Jour 2


  • takery

    one, two, karma’s coming for you
    three, four, gonna burn you to the floor
    five, six, gonna get your fix
    seven, eight, better stay up late
    nine, ten, hard to sleep again

  • lady luck

    It seems rather obvious that the takery is playing a joke. He’s harmless. burning things to the floor is certainly in no sense to be taken as a threat rather than a general principal of how gravity and karma works. in this case, karma attacks. Richard Stallman I believe talks a lot about that stuff in the GNU license. go Python!

  • geek-puppy

    yeah!!! Burning Man is going to be totally sick this year! I’ve been working on a kickass POV mobile trashcan that you can wear on your head like a helicopter. I’ll send photos soon! Burners forever. Too bad the tickets are so dam expensive this year 🙁 woof

  • I <3 glass

    I wrote a script for my google glass that makes fire when it recognizes bad karma. good karma makes rainbows spill out of the person’s ears. Pretty cool. Anyone want the github page? like my comment and I will share 😉

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