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This dynamic and open source cartography is based on data from the Fabfoundation (which indexes fablabs charted by MIT),, and our own researchs. If you find an error, please feel free to e-mail us:

The API of the map is available on :


Map of labs

Places and spaces dedicated to digital fabrication, biohacking workshops and collaborative tinkering.
Zoom for practical info (name, address, website, social media).

This map is an ongoing resource that offers a complete overview of France and a partial view of these new spaces worldwide. Geolocation data, addresses and associated social media (when available) have been verified, and we added categories in order to identify trends (Are there more fablabs than university labs? Is biohacking on the rise?). This initial typology is far from definitive, as the data itself is destined to grow (the French version will be available soon).